Affiliate Program

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Step 1: Apply to the program here. We’ll send a welcome email once you’re accepted into the program that will help you get started. 
Step 2: Refer a friend! Share your custom links and codes with friends, family, colleagues, or with a stranger. 
Step 3: Earn commission every time someone clicks your link or uses your code and makes a purchase. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions
What products can I promote?
Affiliates will receive commission for the sale of any product.  

How much commission can I earn?
15% commission is earned for every valid sale you help drive. Not valid on gift cards. You’ll earn commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, & returns). 

How will I know what products or offers to promote?
The affiliate team deploys monthly newsletters to keep you in the know on new collaborations, exclusive offers, our latest product launches, Elderosa Elderberry news, and more!

Does it cost money to sign-up?
Joining is free and simple! Our reporting platform, LeadDyno, helps monitor performance in real-time and gives access to Elderosa Elderberry tracking links to promote offers and products. LeadDyno will ask for initial banking information so we can provide payment in a timely manner.

Any important application info?
All applications received are reviewed within 2-5 business days.
Note: Affiliates do not receive free products for joining our affiliate program.
Eligibility: Eldeorsa Elderberry is open to partnering with almost all third party partners. We do reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our standards.

Additional questions about our affiliate program or partnering with Elderosa Elderberry? Feel free to reach out to us.