About Elderosa Ranch

Elderosa Ranch is family owned and operated on historic Route 66 and the San Andreas fault in Sunny Southern California. Elderosa Ranch is an elderberry preserve, where wild elderberries have grown for centuries atop the notorious faultline. We hand-pick our wild elderberries at their peak Summer ripeness, going from tree to tree to find the ripest berries. 

Elderosa Ranch is located in the Cajon Pass area of Southern California. A veritable oasis of spring water nestled in a cozy dell lie the elderberry trees. We are in the shadow of the mighty Old Baldy, the highest peak in Los Angeles County. Because we are creekside in a riparian area, Native Elderberry trees grow in abundance. It is here where we found an impressive stand of hundreds of wild elderberry trees and founded Elderosa Ranch. Hydrated by an underground water table and natural springs, the Elderberry trees at Elderosa Ranch have been thriving in this environment for thousands of years. Many of our Elderberry trees have survived many wildfires and they keep coming back with roots that are deeper and deeper every year.

All of the native fauna and flora here at the Elderosa Ranch are served water from our two natural springs. The Cistern is a concrete vault built inside the water mountain, spring water fills the vault with spring water all day and night. The Canyon spring breaks out of the ground on the backside of a water mountain in a sheer and steep faultline canyon. This spring has a man-made vault and 700 ft of pipe to bring it down to the ranch area. Each spring produces about 700 gallons of fresh spring water a day. This meets most of the needs of the ranch. We also have a well for supplemental water needs. 

Natural springs are common in faultline areas and we are sitting right on top of the granddaddy of all faultlines, the mighty San Andreas. The San Andreas fault starts near San Francisco and travels 750 miles all down through the middle of California and ends up in Baja, California. The San Andreas is the tectonic boundary of the Pacific plate and the North American plate that rub together. We are nestled in the Cajon Canyon snuggled between the Mighty San Gabriel mountains and the wild San Bernardino mountains. Each of these ranges features massive tectonic activity resulting in 2 major peaks, Mt San Antonio also known as “Old Baldy” is in the San Gabriels while San Gorgonio peak is in the San Bernardinos. Much history has been made in the Cajon Pass.

These delicious fruit chews display the incredible depth of flavor and immuno-nutrition of wild elderberries. Each elderberry fruit chew is made with just three natural ingredients, 100% wild, organic elderberry juice, California organic wildflower honey, and a dash of Organic lemon juice. Enjoy Elderosa fruit chews anytime, any number, each chew is packed with flavor and goodness.